“We the Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) call for foreign assistance to liberate a political change in Cambodia and to form a new leadership and new regime which will be the second Khmer Republic, with a presidential form of government. This Government would serve as an alliance of progress with the United Stated of America, with a true commitment to the people of Cambodia”.

Since Hanoi invaded Cambodia and deposed the Pol Pot’s regime means that the Communists took over the Communist and the country is still under Communist rule. The United Nations had condemned the Hanoi’s Occupation in Cambodian Land, and has set up the Cambodian People Party (CPP) to run the Government. It was the government control by Hanoi economic, politic and military, and Hanoi intended to put Cambodia into Indochina’s federation through leadership of centralized economic system.


After the Paris Peace Agreement on October 23rd, 1991, Cambodia should have become a peaceful and democratic nation as stated in the agreement that had been signed by eighteen countries. However, today Cambodia is controlled by Communist China and the Vietnamese. The government has been operated by one person for over thirty years, the dictatorship by the Prime Minister named Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge member, and a spy who ran to Vietnam after Pol Pot discovered that Hun Sen was a spy on his team who had murdered countless Khmer people in the eastern region of Cambodia.

The world knows that the Cambodian King, Norodam Sihanouk helped shelter Vietnamese troops in Cambodia during the American-Vietnamese War in the 60’s. Sihanouk proclaims that his country is neutral and independent, however he had secretly accepted over 60,000 Vietnamese troops down the southern back doors of Vietnam into the Cambodian borders.

Sihanouk had given his support to these troops by equipping them with arms and providing the soldiers rations and medicine that were sent from China to Sihanouk Ville (A maritime port in Cambodia). After US troops withdrew from Southeast Asia, thus Cambodia became a communist nation until this day.

Today Cambodia needs the assistance of the United States of America in order to liberate the country from communism. Please help the Cambodian people from a dictator regime. This is an abuse of human rights and is a strong form of corruption. The United States should be aware that Cambodia is on the verge of becoming a democratic nation or a communist one.

We would like to introduce to you the new generation of the Second Khmer Republic Organization lead by Mr. Sourn Sereyratha who was well known as a social activist in Cambodia since 1997, currently is living in the USA, this organization promoted the Cambodian cause more than any other movement can. This movement is named the Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM).


Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) is the U.S.-based civil political movement which was founded in March 18, 2010 by Mr. Sourn Serey Ratha whom is well known in the country as a social activist and grassroots advocator in Cambodia since 1997. He fled to the U.S in 2007 and was granted asylum by the U.S. government. In 2008, Mr. Sourn Serey Ratha created a group of political advocates named the Cambodian Action Committee for Justice and Equity (CACJE), the organization that advocated the Khmer Rouge court to call Norodom Sihanouk and other top ranking officials of the Cambodia People Party to testify.

On March 18, 2010, the CACJE had changed to KPPM and became a prominent political movement of Cambodians overseeing the challenge of Hun Sen’s regime in Phnom Penh for the purpose of political change. KPPM has its mission not only to change leadership but it is also to change regime in Phnom Penh from Communist-Monarchy to Democratic Liberal Republic which will be recognized as the Second Khmer Republic Regime.


KPPM does not believe in the current election system in Cambodia that is controlled by the existing ruling parties. Mr. Sourn Serey Ratha, the president of KPPM, called the election in Cambodia is a political tool for ruling party (CPP) used to legalize power and continue to rule country without respect for the full spirit of Paris Peace Agreement October 23, 1991.

KPPM believes in the power of the people that will receive backup from international communities to encourage the Cambodian people rising up across the country against dictatorship regimes as well as the belief in the power of international law that the International Criminal Court will be able to call Hun Sen for the hearing on war crime and crimes against humanity.

This is the reason why KPPM tried to advocate the U.S lawmakers and government to put in force of the H.R. 533 and Bill 309 which the U.S Congress and Senate adopted on October 1998 and deemed Hun Sen as a criminal leader and communist. Therefore, the international court must establish and bring Hun Sen to court.

On June 22, 2012 KPPM officially filed a law suit against Hun Sen at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at Huge of the Netherlands.

Now KPPM does not accept the coming election and ask for Cambodians not to vote. To boycott this coming vote, yet encourage people to gather the power of the people in order to topple Hun Sen’s power.

Since 2010, KPPM has worked hard to build networks in the Cambodian country through the channel and networks of Thailand, in order to expand to Canada, Europe, Australia and Thailand where Cambodians are living, and there are thousands of supporters inside and outside of the country. The side population to support KPPM is competing with the political parties that still believe in unacceptable voting.  In the commune election on 2012, KPPM was able to call 49% of voters not to vote and now those supporters of KPPM are waiting for a new political order which will remove Hun Sen and CPP from power.


Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) is a civil political movement of Cambodians oversea and around the world in the US, EU, Australia & New Zealand that work to support the action of the Cambodian people in country, and that the combined power of law (International law) and the power of people (Natural Law) will protect the people and political rights, which we define as “Political Change.” We act in fact-finding, legal actions against perpetrators of political rights abuses, build networking grassroots and encourage young leaders, and campaigns for political change. Through these strategies, Political Rights International seeks to end dictatorship and communist regime in the new era of information ages, to provide real solutions for real people, and to promote and protect power of the people locally and throughout the nation.

We documented people and political rights abuses in Cambodia which were violated and committed by high ranking officer and government leaders. We expose and publicize people and political rights abuses through campaigns, reports, petition, and articles.

We organize the activists in grassroots around people issues and political rights. We are at the forefront of the movement to hold corporations accountable for free people and independent of the Cambodian Country.

We litigated in International Criminal Court (ICC), EU Court and U.S. courts on behalf of people of Cambodia whose people and political rights have been violated by government of Cambodia. For crimes against humanity in Cambodia, we brought the land grabbing lawsuit, to ICC on June 22, 2012.

We teach Cambodian people about their political rights and remedies, especially Khmer people living under dictatorship regimes in Phnom Penh. We train villagers and victims to testify at any forum and dare to speak the truth.

We advocate with those who have been harmed, and fight for better political change protections at every level, from the local to the national level.


Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) is dedicated to make the promise of true freedoms for every Cambodian: Equality, freedom of speech, freedom of politics, the right to seek justice in a court of law, the right to cast a vote that counts and the right to get involved in politics.

Our vision is a vibrantly diverse and democratic society in which everyone is treated equally under the law, given the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams, and encouraged to participate in our nation’s civic and political life. Our Cambodia respects diversity, nurtures creativity and combats hatred and bigotry.

We believe a society that reflects these constitutional principles and progressive values is worth fighting for, and we take our responsibility seriously to cultivate new generations of leaders and activists who will sustain these values for the life of this nation.

Our operational mission is to promote the Cambodian people and defend them from attacks, to build and nurture communities of support for our values, and to equip those communities to promote progressive policies, elect progressive candidates, and hold public officials accountable.


In times of hardship and in times of crises, societies throughout history have experienced wrenching dislocations in their fundamental values and beliefs. We are alarmed that some of the current voices of stridency and division may replace those of reason and unity. If these voices continue unchallenged, the results will be predictable: a rise in “demonology” and hostility, a breakdown in community and social spirit, a deterioration of free and open dialogue, and the temptation to grasp at simplistic solutions for complex problems.

Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) was established to address these matters. Our purpose is to meet the challenges of discord and fragmentation with an affirmation of “the Cambodians People Power.” By this we mean pluralism, individuality, freedom of thought, expression and religion, a sense of community, and tolerance and compassion for others. Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) will reach out to all Cambodians and affirm that in our society, the individual still matters; that there is reason to believe in the future – not to feel despair of it – and that we must strengthen the common cords that connect us as humans and citizens.

The long-term agenda of Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) is broad. It includes reducing social tension and polarizations, encouraging community participation, fostering understanding among different segments of our society, and increasing the level and quality of public dialogue. As an educational institution, we shall communicate with the Cambodian people through printed materials, radio, television, public lectures and discussions.

We will gather information, analyze it, and distribute our findings to the public in a manner that provides for full and fair exposition on the issues. Our highest purpose is to nurture a national climate that encourages and enhances the human spirit rather than one which divides people into hostile camps.

By educating the Cambodian people and raising their level of understanding about the basic tenets by which our society is sustained, Khmer People Power Movement (KPPM) will fulfill its mission.


The Democratic Liberal Republic regime grants people to live in a free and open society where they can chose their own leader. They have a hand in their own destiny and can secure a bright future for their children. With the advancement of freedom and democracy, the Cambodian people move toward a more stable, prosperous and secure world. This will also allow them to live in peace and freedom with means to achieve a durable and peaceful environment in which the Cambodians and other allies are more secure and free to flourish with prosperity, liberty, and opportunity.

The new governments of the Second Khmer Republic Regime will make an alliance of progress with the Government of the United States of America through the need of Cambodian Reassessment.


In order to protect Cambodia from the invasion of communists from Vietnam and China, the SKR will be committed without the condition to join the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) which is led by the United Sate of America in Asia Pacific Ocean, and alliance.

In order to defend its rightwing political policies of SKR, we will join statehood membership with the United State of America to put the common national defense and common global security with the alliance of America.

In order to strengthen its own grassroots power SKR will conduct people empowerment, enforcement of law and decentralize economic systems in order to rule the country as a standard of a democratic country which will be conducted through social service delivery from the nation to grassroots.

In order to strengthen national defense, the new government of the Second Khmer Republic Regime will have allied command with the troops of the United States not only in the region but also around the globe.

In order to stabilize the present and future of the national defense of Cambodia, the SKRR needs to obtain any training of trainer (TOT), and gathering of military assistance from the United States of America

Regarding anti-terrorism, the SKR will join with the government of the United States from all levels of national, regional and global to secure the protection of the people.

Cambodia has military bases in the ocean and islands, which provides an easy base for alliance military. With our strong commitment of SKR, we will provide military bases on any territory or island such as KOH TRAL[1] to the U.S. as needed.

In order to secure national security, SKR will organize law enforcement to improve human rights, democracy and rule of law in the society.

To ensure the freedom of expression and power of the free media, SKR will release the bureaucracy for all media agency, and provide independent information agencies.

Immigration laws must be enforced in order to protect national security and to strengthen the anti-terrorism national policies.

The ten points above can’t succeed without the technical assistance from the government of the United States of America. As a state alliance and being a statehood of America, the SKR will need human resource professionals for country development who are trained and specialized from the academy of U.S. government.

From year to year, SKR will request for available scholarships and fellowships from the government of the U.S. to at least 100 participants or students of Cambodia.

[1] Koh Tral of Cambodia has a total area of 574 square kilometers (222 sq mi), only 12 km south of the Cambodian coast of Kompot Province.

Currently Koh Tral of Cambodia is under Vietnamese control. But in the future the SKR will use the international Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to sue and take back as Cambodia territory.

Koh Tral is a very good location for military use of the U.S. in South East Asia, comparable with Guam Island.